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Enrich Your World Back companies, teams, and products you want to see succeed in the marketplace. 

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Discover Companies You Love Help them grow.  Share the success.  

Welcome to Portfolia

Portfolia connects smart, connected consumers and opinion leaders with fascinating entrepreneurial companies.  You collaborate with others around the world to evaluate innovative products and teams, and back and invest in those you believe in.

We make start-up investing smart, empowering and enjoyable--even with the smallest stakes. Whether you’re a sophisticated investor looking for top opportunities, a first-time investor looking to ‘learn the ropes,’ or a trend-setter looking to share the newest thing,  Portfolia is your community. 

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Entrepreneurs:  Portfolia backers bring money and markets to the companies, teams and products they want to see succeed in the marketplace. Learn more here.     

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Step 1 Discover

Portfolia profiles the most exciting new companies, teams and products,  Discover those in your areas of interest and that fascinate your innovative spirit.

Step 2 Feedback

Provide feedback on test models and products  and follow your favorites.  Support them by sharing their stories with friends and colleagues.

Step 3 Invest

Become a shareowner in companies you believe in, even at small investment amounts. You back the teams you want to see succeed in the marketplace.

Step 4 Engage

Add value by engaging your social networks, recommending their products and helping them capture markets.  When they succeed, we all win together.

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Portfolia lets connected consumers and influencers invest in entrepreneurial companies, teams and products they want to ...


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Profiled Products, Prior to Fundraising


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